Established 1994


Asfalttikukka plans, builds and maintains gardens in the Helsinki region. We can give advice in English to all questions related to gardening in the Finnish climate.


Asfalttikukka plans, builds and maintains gardens according to the wishes of the customer. When redoing a garden it requires often supplementary planning, pruning of existing trees and bushes, division of perennials, new pavings and plantings. The skill to do these tasks is found in the Asfalttikukka team. We do small and big jobs – from pruning a tree, weeding a flower border to building a new garden or maintaining a garden for years.


Please contact us for further information.

Johan Slätis 0400-618968

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Garden planning and consultation

  • Redoing and building gardens
  • Stonewalls and –pavings
  • Maintenance of gardens, contracts
  • Pruning of trees, conifers and bushes